Children and Dentistry

Children's Teeth

Your Child is in Good Hands

Dr. Friz dearly loves children. At his home, there are ten going here and there. Your child will also be dearly loved. Dr. Friz realizes that children require special care. They don't always understand what is happening to them when they visit the dentist. We are all committed to doing our best to minister to your child's needs in a friendly and safe way.

Here are some tips to help make your child's visit a pleasant one:

  • Children seem to respond better to morning appointments, before they get tired from their busy and active day.
  • Discourage other children or family members from telling "dental horror stories" to your child. Sometimes it is best not to say anything about the visit other than, "They will take good care of your teeth."
  • Make sure your child has had a good night's sleep

Dr. Friz knows that you love your child very much. He may even tell your child, "Your parent loves you very much and would never put you in any situation that would harm you."

When do those teeth come in?

Below is a chart that will help you monitor your child's tooth development:


5-12 months: first two teeth on the top and bottom front

8-13 months: four more teeth next to the existing ones for a total of 8

13-19 months: 4 first molars in back, top and bottom - total of 12 teeth

16-23 months: cuspids for a total of 16 teeth

2-3 1/2 years: 2nd molars for a total of 20 baby teeth


6-7 years: Back molars, one in each quadrant for 4 total adult teeth

6-8 years: Front 2 teeth in front top and bottom for 8 total adult teeth

7-9 years: 4 more teeth . . . one next to each of the front ones for 12 total adult teeth

9-11 years: 2 upper first premolars and 2 lower canines for 16 total adult teeth

10-12 years: 2 upper 2nd premolars and 2 lower 1st premolars for 20 total adult teeth

11-12 years: 2 upper canines and 2 lower 2nd premolars for 24 total adult teeth

12-13 years: upper and lower 2nd molars for a total of 28 adult teeth

17-22 years: 4 wisdom teeth

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