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Alan Paul Friz, DDS | Sleep Apnea in Huntingburg

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Sleep Apnea




Sleep Apnea affects more people than you realize, especially those over 40 years old.  Sleep Apnea prevents one from reaching and maintaining a deep sleep at night. 

When someone is afflicted with Sleep Apnea, their airway (back of the mouth and throat area) becomes restricted.  This occurs when the supporting muscles and tissues of the mouth and throat relax and collapse, making it difficult for the air to get into the lungs.  The tissues first begin to vibrate as the air passes by.  This is called snoring.  However, as the person falls into a deeper sleep, the air can not get into the lungs.  The snoring stops, sometimes for 45 seconds or more.  The person's reflexes have to wake him up enough for him to gasp for air and open his throat.  Having been revived with air, the person then falls back asleep, only to snore, lose air and wake to breathe.  This cycle continues all night long, depriving the person of a good night's sleep so vital to life.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is considered one of several potentially treatable contributors to high blood pressure, and has been associated with coronary artery disease, stroke, congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, increased motor vehicle accident rate, sleepiness, impaired quality of life, and increased mortality (early death).  Obstructive Sleep Apnea is becoming more and more recognized as a very dangerous condition to an individual.

Sleep Apnea is a medical condition that must be diagnosed by a physician.  A diagnostic sleep study is performed to determine the extent of the condition.  Treatment is then prescribed by the physician.  The best treatment to date for Sleep Apnea is the CPAP machine.

In instances when the patient can not tolerate a CPAP, an oral appliance prescribed by Dr. Friz to open the airway has been proven very helpful.  This appliance, called Somnodent, is worn at bedtime and fits over the person's teeth.  Patients who can not bear the CPAP machine find the sleep appliance comfortable and helpful.

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